Brass Tacks, or Specifics Regarding Where, When, How, Etc.


You guys!

I am overwhelmed with the love & support that you have offered to a little elementary school in Louisiana.

For more background info, check out the original post.

Donate via DonorsChooseUse the code LIFTOFF to have your donation matched dollar for dollar. If our most recent project has been funded, you can still donate via DonorsChoose gift card. Another project will be live ASAP. 

Donate via Amazon Wish ListYou guys are rocking the wish list out! I am having to update it feverishly to ensure that it stays stocked. NOTE: This is not a complaint!  

Donate via Bound to Stay Bound: S.O.S. LibraryBound to Stay Bound books are books with a special library binding that helps keep them in better condition & on the shelf longer. All of the titles listed here are award-winning & will be the true backbone of our library’s permanent collection.

Mail items to the school directly at the following address: 

Trey Veazey
2401 72nd Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
This is the address of our temporary location. 

I’m working hard to respond to every email, tweet, & comment. Thanks for your patience as well as your generosity.

44 thoughts on “Brass Tacks, or Specifics Regarding Where, When, How, Etc.

  1. Justin Stygles

    I will gladly send now that i have an address. Just need to package them up and ship them to you!!

    My prayers are with you all!!


    • treyveazey

      Justin, thanks so much for your generosity. You were one of the first to jump on board! I appreciate you so much. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  2. Jim and Debbie Wiesen

    Purchased a bunch of titles to your wish list. Keep topping it up! I’ll make another purchase tomorrow.

    • Jim & Debbie, this is so encouraging to read. I knew that there were good people out there, so thanks for proving me right. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  3. Robin

    Rock on people! A whole lot of people doing what they can is so awesome. What an awesome story this is working out to be. If anyone can leave a legacy in their first year as a librarian (or anything), Trey my friend, it’s YOU

    • treyveazey

      Robin, you always know just what to say to make me feel like a pseudo-rock star. Bless you. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  4. Hi Trey–I just tweeted today, asking for literary folk in need. And here you are! Will send some of my signed books and share with my publishers and various author message boards. I also volunteer for a water charity and we’re hoping to come down to help flood victims rebuild homes. Would love to arrange an author school visit while I’m down there.
    Here’s to good floods–happy tears and book folk coming together to stuff those shelves.
    Lindsey Leavitt

    • treyveazey

      Lindsey, I am doing a silent scream & seated dance due to your comments. I love when good in the world overlaps. P.S. We are, no doubt, having an author visit while you’re in town. Everybody wants to be where the cool kids are, & they are, for sure, at Glen Oaks Park. Email me at I can’t wait to talk shop. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  5. Joe

    Hey Trey,
    Sad to hear about what happened, but so happy to see the awesome number of people willing to help. Just wanted to throw out another site that might help for tracking what you need, and getting donations sent to your school:

    Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Sarah Elliott Chatterjee

    Trey- my boyfriend went to school with several guys now illustrating kids books. He’s reached out and a couple should be sending some boxes, and they are also sharing the info with their peers. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Renee

    My son and I just went through his books (he is now 17) and I have several bags worth that I was going to give to the goodwill. Can we send them to you? I grew up with a lot of kids who did not have access to books, magazines or newspapers in their home, so your post and efforts to repopulate your library really touched me. If some of the books we have are outside the age range you’re looking for, I suppose you could give them to your students’ older siblings. If you email me I will look into best way to get them to you.

  8. Jennifer Roques

    I am a former teacher with boxes of books I’d like to donate to you. Does it matter that several have my name written on the books? Also, some of the books aren’t in stellar condition anymore. I won’t send any that are in bad condition, but do you want them if they aren’t “new”? They could be given to teachers for their classroom libraries if they won’t work for the school library. Just let me know.

  9. Briyantan

    As a fellow Librarian (well basically, I’m working on getting my MLS) and a library employee for the past 9 yrs all I can say is I got your back! We have children’s books in pretty good condition that we have out for sale I’ll see if we can gather some good ones and have them shipped to you guys, if that sounds good?

    • Hey there! We’d be beyond pleased to receive any help that you can provide. Knowing that a book has been enjoyed by previous readers increases its value. Thanks again! Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  10. Dawn

    Never has my heart been touched quite like it was upon reading your story. I Cannot imagine a library without books. Your words were beautifully written and not one bit too long. As Molly Lou Melon is one of my personal heroes along with Hermione Granger, I will share this and rally my book group to donate items from your Amazon wish list. There is good in the world and fairy tales really do come true. Good luck to you and may you find a little bit of happiness at the end of your rainbow.

    • Dawn, your words are truly lovely. I take them to heart & thank you for your helpfulness. I can’t wait to see Molly Lou Melon make her way back into our library. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  11. Margot

    Hi Trey,

    I saw your request on a mom group on Facebook. I’m so glad you did ask for books. I went on your Amazon wishlist and bought a couple and then added some more titles that I thought would be good additions. Best of luck!!!!

    • Margot, I so appreciate people like you. I can’t wait to see which titles you selected personally. Book recommendations are the spice of life. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  12. Box coming your way. Tried to track down some nonfiction titles, some general beginning readers, and some “might be a stretch for 5th graders” because I was always that kid trying to read above my level.

    • Hey! I can’t wait to receive these! We are in need of nonfiction, so this will be perfect. P.S. Thanks for supporting our kids who love a challenge. They often go overlooked.

    • Hollis, yes, we are! To help our givers, I created a blog post that features our wishes, hopes, & dreams, but any books written for younger readers (PreK-Grade 5) will be fine. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  13. Janell B. Brent

    I plan to come by in the morning with some gently used and new books from my home and some new softcover books sent to me for your library from my sister-in-law in Denver.

  14. Donya Deal

    Our high school Literacy Club in Birmingham, Alabama, would like to organize a book drive and collect donations to help restock your library. We’d also like to deliver the books and help out / clean up / organize a service project one weekend soon. Could you direct us to a person, school, organization where we could be of assistance? You are in our thoughts and prayers!

    • Donya, I really love this — especially the service aspect. To help our givers, I created a blog post that features our wishes, hopes, & dreams, but any books written for younger readers (PreK-Grade 5) will be fine. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Email me at so we can talk further specifics. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  15. Nora Rigby

    Hi Trey – I saw your post because a friend shared it on Facebook. I am originally from Baton Rouge and now live in Washington, DC. I am on the Board of my kids’ school PTA this year and we’d love for our school to be able to help Glen Oaks. We definitely want to collect money to buy some of the book on your wishlist.

    I just submitted a google form but also writing here – do you have any interest in used books? Our school library has some and I think the school families might have some, too.

    • Nora, thanks for checking in. Used books work great in classrooms & homes, so yes, we will definitely be pleased to receive them. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  16. Trey, I own an ebay bookstore. Please, feel free to go through my children’s fiction and nonfiction sections and let me know if any of my books are on your list.



    I also have several boxes of books I haven’t gotten to yet that I would be happy to go through and see what I have.

    • Susan, I saw a number of award-winning titles that are must-haves for all library collections. You also have a good bit of nonfiction that is always in demand in libraries. We would be honored to be recipients of whatever you choose to send along. Thanks again for thinking of us.

  17. Caryl Lee Ray

    I’m a former teacher and now a children’s librarian in a public library. Through the years my department has been flooded and I’ve donned rain boots to wade through stacks, puppets, and brokeness while waiting for waters to recede. I’ve smelled the mildew and tried unsuccessfully to flatten curling paperback covers. My sons have traveled to LA recently to help churches and people in the aftermath of floods. Your blight hurts my heart. My sons have purged their personal shelves and the community has also added to the collection. We would like to share our copies of ‘Black Beauty, Tom Sawyer, Where the Red Fern Grows, Maisy, and Brown Bear” with y’all.
    Caryl Lee Ray
    Children’s Librarian
    Andalusia Alabama

  18. Gia

    Hi Mr. Veazey,
    This is Gia from Florida. I have finished the book drive for your school. I am happy to say that we are sending over 1000 books to your school. I hope your students enjoy the books!

  19. Edward

    Still in need of books? I would be more than happy to send some down later this week! They are from the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne to be exact. I loved these when I was growing up and would love for another generation to experience these stories.

  20. Rebecca

    I so totally agree with you about the value of books in a child’s life (as well as in everyone’s life.) I recently retired after 44 years as an educator. I’ve been a secondary teacher. elementary teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and an educational consultant in my own consulting company for the past 20 years. I am in the process of going through all of my training materials and giving them away. I have lots of children’s paperbacks that would do for the classroom library or for the children to take home. Are you still in need of books like this?

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