A Cry for Help, or 1,600ish Words on Books, Life, & Honey Buns


Updated 26 August 2016 with info regarding various ways to donate & assist. All pertinent details are at the bottom of this verbose post.

Update 28 August 2016 to include more donation info. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.

Anyone who knows me knows that To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book (as well as my favorite film). That masterwork has become such an integral part of my life. If I could be any fictional character, it would be Atticus Finch. I share a birthday with Harper Lee. I once played Boo Radley in a community theatre production. In fact, I have the Radley tree tattooed on my arm. If my son Henry was to be a girl, we had planned to name him (her?) Scout. I’m even listening to Elmer Bernstein’s film score as I write this.

All of this meandering is to reinforce the power of books & reading in my life, & this is only in reference to one book. There have actually been countless ones that have left their imprint on me, & like others similar to me, many of those impressions were made during my childhood. Whenever I think of what the future might hold, I recall how Harold forged his own path with his purple crayon. When I need to be reminded that there is happiness in contentment, I reflexively envision Ferdinand, that daring pacifist, sitting underneath his tree.

Now that I’m an adult, I still indulge in children’s literature. This is partly because of my profession as a teacher (& now school librarian), but mostly, it’s because of one big reason. Kid’s lit is where it’s at.

It was in college that David Wiesner changed the way I thought about reading & comprehension (&, ok, life in general) with Flotsam, & on a kaput hard drive somewhere, there is a picture of the two of us, me grinning an absurdly large grin. It was also in my teacher training that I was introduced to Katniss Everdeen (thanks Anna!) & the best final line of a first chapter ever (I’ll wait while you go check your copy). Here I met Chrysanthemum, Jesse Aarons, & Hugo Cabret.

As an educator, I tripped over myself daily trying to share all of the wondrous works available. Kids had to experience Last Stop on Market Street, one of the best & most important books of the century (yeah, I said it). As long as Jacqueline Woodson & Kate DiCamillo kept dreaming up incredible dreams & spinning them into delectable yarns, I would pull muscles & go into debt in order to have those stories become parts of students’ lives. Students who felt unloved would meet Ada in The War that Saved My Life. Those who had been belittled but still knew grit & grace would journey alongside Annabelle in Wolf Hollow. Children who understood the value of a friend would surely love Sophie’s Squash. There will always be Oliver Buttons, & books are the best way to support them.

This is how I show my students that I love them — by putting books in their hands, by noticing what they are about, & finding books that tell them, “I know. I know. I know how it is. I know who you are, & even though we may never speak of it, read this book, & know that I understand you.”

The above Donalyn Miller quote is placed within my email signature. The 2016-2017 school year was to be my first in a school library rather than a classroom. Oh, the plans that I had! I couldn’t wait to booktalk new classics by Rita Williams-Garcia, Tim Federle, Jewell Parker Rhodes, & Pam Muñoz Ryan. There were library card contests & reading challenges to experience. Some serious reading was about to take place.

We were at school for 2 days, & then, the rains came. You might’ve heard. 

In the spirit of school, I have to tattle on myself to say that I broke the rules. After the water receded, I sneaked inside the building to check on the status of my library. I knew that there was damage. I knew that it was likely that over 500 of my own personal books — years of classroom library building & Scholastic points — would be ruined, unusable, destroyed. I was expectant that the box of books that I had begun gathering for my next Milk + Bookies drive would never be unpacked. In my mind, I knew all of this. In my heart, I was unprepared for the visual confirmation.

As I tried not to fall down in what was surely sewage water, I began to take note of the titles that made themselves known to me amid the destruction. The books were telling me something.

Unspeakable things have happened, yet you must move forward.

The sadness is heavy, but joy lies within your own strength.

A challenge is only the beginning. (Also, you’re not dead.)

Molly Lou Melon was very specific. Stand tall, man. Stand tall.

Others have persevered through far worse than this.

Steeled by the encouragement of these works, I turned to take one last glance at my desk, & who should be there but Judy Blume, offering a smile that spoke to my soul.

Fairy Godmother Judy Blume

Lest you thought the real Judy Blume had shown up in flood-ravaged Louisiana like some kind of fairy godmother (though, do we really doubt that Judy Blume could not do such?!), it was a miraculously spared photograph. During my undergraduate work, I was privileged to attend the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival (SMTTT). Judy Blume was the festival’s medallion recipient during this time. When I took this photo in 2009, it was to brag. Little did I know that, in 2016, it would save me.

I grabbed Judy & fled the scene. When I returned to the library over a week later, there were no more lessons to be learned. Reality had set in.

The books were gone. I would have no chance to save titles on higher shelves such as my signed edition of Dear Hank Williams from when Kimberly Willis Holt visited my school or a brand new copy of Counting Thyme that I bought for the library after tearing through it on the beach this past summer or all of the graphic novels I’d spent the last year collecting because my students couldn’t get enough of El Deafo, The Dumbest Idea Ever!, Roller Girl, & Sunny Side Up. I don’t want to talk about the ones that I haven’t even gotten to read yet like The Seventh Wish or Jack & Louisa: Act 2. I tried to tell myself that they were “only books,” but anyone who has ever loved a book knows that there is no such thing as “only books.”

So, why am I writing my first blog post in over 10 years? Why am I reminiscing about every wonderful book that comes to mind? Why am I tearing up as the strings in Elmer Bernstein’s orchestra swell to perfection, conjuring up a young Mary Badham complaining to Gregory Peck about school? The answer is simple. I need help.

We are relocating. We’ve been ushered over to a building that was built in 1937. That means my new school is the same age as And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street. It also means that, in my first year as a librarian, I have a library without any books.

Access to books is the key to educational success. Our library doesn’t have books. Our classrooms don’t have books. Many of the homes of our students don’t have books. Like the tears that rolled down our faces both in silent & violent measures, they became a part of the flood before being swept away as we looked toward rebuilding & recovery.

How does one recover without books? I know not the answer to this, & so, I plead to you. Help us. There are kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that are hungry for knowledge & desperate to know that good remains in the world.

If you are an author/illustrator/publisher & would love to have your books in the hands of readers, please consider sending us those books. (Incidentally, if you are inclined to include an autographed copy for the librarian, I’m sure that he would happily accept.) If you are someone with a generous spirit that doesn’t happen to write children’s books, we are in need of new or like-new books, both fiction & nonfiction, that would appeal to readers in PreKindergarten through Grade 5. If you are someone who would prefer to help in a pecuniary fashion, be assured that your funds, directed through the proper channels, will help to revitalize the library with magazine subscriptions, music, films, & chocolate. All others, feel free to send good thoughts. After this emotional & literal depletion, we are in dire need of good thoughts.

It has taken me over a week to muster the determination to conjure up this post, & while it’s possibly — ok, almost certainly — of an absurd length, it is my heart on display. It is a written manifestation of what I feel every time I walk into my public library — that there is a place for me, that there are others who care, & that the world is a naturally good place. I know all of these things to be true because of books (& family & movies & music & honey buns).

When hope is not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation, it sometimes floats forth & opens.

That’s what Anne Lamott said, & when Anne Lamott speaks, I listen. This is me sending forth my tiny ripples of hope into the world. If you are able to receive them, I look forward to witnessing the repercussions of hope reverberating among people who care for books &, among all else, each other.

Trey Veazey
2401 72nd Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
This is the address of our temporary location. 

Bound to Stay Bound: S.O.S. LibraryBound to Stay Bound books are books with a special library binding that helps keep them in better condition & on the shelf longer. All of the titles listed here are award-winning & will be the true backbone of our library’s permanent collection.

Amazon Wish ListThis is a personal wish list that I’ve had for a few years now, but it is a list of desired titles that can be put to good use. 

We are working on getting another DonorsChoose project approved! In the meantime, you can gift us an amount on their website. 

Please use the subscription template to the left to stay informed about all of the wonderful happenings! Because of people like you, countless others will have better lives. Feel good about that.

332 thoughts on “A Cry for Help, or 1,600ish Words on Books, Life, & Honey Buns

  1. Robin

    Oh Trey.
    Books have saved my life on more than one occasion. My love for books started in toddlerhood or before. I could write my own post similar to this (sans flood) & my heart breaks for you. However, my heart soars for the children’s lives you will touch as the greatest librarian (magician, chef, historian, opener of doors to worlds not yet imagined) ever.

      • Chris Worthington

        Hi Trey,

        Twenty years ago, I walked into my classroom to find that over the holiday weekend a pipe two floors up had burst and many of my materials and most of my classroom library were ruined. I haven’t deal with the magnitude of your loss, but I would like to help.

        I am probably missing it, but can you tell me the grade level of your students? Also if there you can provide some cultural demographics, I could perhaps look for multicultural books, too.

        I have been in the classroom for 33 years in many grades. I have four years until retirement and have started culling my huge collection of personal and profession items.

        I have big books as well, some really nice ones. I don’t know if your library held the professional library as well. If so and you would like professional books, again let me know. I know this is very old fashioned, but I was always big into flannelboards and I have a wide variety of flannel stories. They are yours if you want them.

        My email is mtacworthington@gmail.com. Please let me know as you can. I will start looking. I am happy to send you a bunch of things, because I have been destashing for a year now. Let your colleagues know I have games, flashcards, and craft idea books.

    • How up to date is your Amazon Wish List? Any problem with me sending used books off the list? My mother was an Elementary teacher with an MA in Elementary Reading. Needless to say all four of her children read, read, read! It would be a tribute to her to send you books.

    • Janice Berfield Varn

      I am a retired school librarian in Nebraska who graduated with my MS in LS from LSU in 1969. I have fond memories of the year I spent in Baton Rouge. I hope the books I am sending from your Amazon list will help with your library’s flood recovery. Best wishes.

      • Janice, thanks for reading & for your kindness. Your gifts will be appreciated. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

    • Hi Trey! What a wonderful thing you’re doing – I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with some of the books my children have outgrown, and I’ve just been hanging on to them. Now I know why – because they’re supposed to go to you. Also, a few friends will be contributing as well – one has some sets of educational flashcards, can you use those as well?

      I’ll be boxing up some goodies for you this weekend to ship, with much love from Ohio!

      • Patti, isn’t this wonderful? Books are definitely the ties that bind. I look forward to receiving your generosity in the mail. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  2. Maureen Hoffman-Wehmeiet

    Trey, I will look through my books and share. I’ve got some book sets that have never been read. My heart is breaking for you right now, but you have grit and gumption, and you will rise like the mythical Phoenix. I will sleep a little easier knowing I might bring a smile to a child’s face. God bless you Trey, and may you soon be a librarian with a library stacked full of books.

      • Sue hasse

        Trey, in 2010 our school experienced the same thing- Johnston springs, TN. I’m sharing this post so others may pitch in. I understand the rawness and devastation of your loss of school and more importantly- the library. Search Kingston springs once in a 1000 years on YouTube to see what happened! I had a parent send word to authors/illustrators from everywhere. I hope the response for your school is even betterGood luck!

        • Sue, thanks for reading & for checking in. It is encouraging to hear tale of how other schools have recovered & flourished. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

    • treyveazey

      Diane, thanks for reading! I am working on our Beyond Words application as we speak. You know what they say about great minds! 🙂

  3. Leah from Alabama

    Trey, I’m sharing this in a million billion trillion places. All eyes on this. Get ready for incoming books.

  4. Charlotte Caldwell

    You should send a copy of this to Ellen Degeneres. She is such a generous person who loves to help children. I felt your pain. I will be excited to hear if people respond to your request. I will be happy to donate some books also.

  5. Pamela Baker Jackson

    Don’t know if you remember me, but I am so sorry to hear this Trey! I am not surprised that you went into education and eventually library. You were always great with kids and had a love for things artistic. Hopefully lots of people will see this and help out!

  6. Christi

    I too have a love for books, real books not the ones you buy for a kindle or nook. I lost all my collection in the flood too and that is what broke my heart. I hope you get more books then you ever could imagine!

        • Cynthia, we are trying to do just that! I enlisted a helper last night, & hopefully, it’ll sustain us for a little while. Thanks for checking in! Be sure to subscribe!

      • Sarah

        Trey, my pre-school aged kids have so many personal books. If we were to mail you some gently used ones, would you be able to distribute them to kids to take home for their personal collections? I understand if not, but I thought I would ask.

        • Sarah, no doubt! All books will be loved & appreciated. We have 4 sections of PreKindergarten here on campus, & they would be happy to receive any books. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  7. Dawn Wilbourne

    Trey, the Arc of Clay county has plenty of books that I am certain we could send your way. ( Catherine Bryan school in West Point) Check in to James Patterson grants also that he is doing all over the USA. He is one of my favorite authors and has spent millions of dollars on libraries. You should share your atory with them. I will share this with WPCSD and see what other books are available.

  8. Venetia Oglesby

    Trey, I have a small collection from when I served on the Magnolia awards selection committee. I will get them to your mom. Most have only been opened once or twice. It’s not much, but every book counts when you are rebuilding. Contact Scholastic. They have that all for books program with the book fairs. Maybe you can get in on that.
    I’ll check with some of my other selection committee friends to see if they might have some extras somewhere too.

  9. Karen Purvis

    Trey, although I am now a music teacher, I spent 14 years as a school librarian. My heart breaks for you and your kids. I am the Jr. Beta Club sponsor at my school, and I would like to present this to our members and parents at our parents meeting. We could sponsor a school-wide book drive, if that would help. Email me at kfpurvis@jones.k12.ms.us. Include some guidelines on what you would like. We love and miss you guys! I’ll be praying for you and your school.

    • treyveazey

      Karen, it is so wonderful to hear from you. I spoke with Kala a few weeks ago & told her to let you know how much I missed you all. I will certainly email you soon. Much love!

  10. Our Homeschool group will collect books and send to you as well. We will send after the 1st of Sept…..I hope you will be blessed with as many books or more that what you had. Sorry for your loss but good things still come out of bad things.

  11. Brenda Grams

    The devastation of the flooding breaks my heart for oh so many reasons. As an elementary teacher for 34 years and now a Reading Specialist, I know how very important books are in the hands of children….and right now specifically your children affected by this flood. I am going to look into my collection, and talk to as many colleagues as I can to share with you and your students. We hear in MN care.and wish to help how and if we can……..

  12. Amy

    Do you need all kinds of books? I can clean out some of my daughter’s picture book library–she’s moved on to chapter books. I can also ask my students if they have books they’re done with. Do you need titles in Spanish?


    • treyveazey

      Amy, all kinds are the best kinds! We love picture books & use them all the way up to 5th grade. En cuanto a libros en español, sí, por favor!

  13. Oh Trey, how can anyone read this and not send you books! I used to donate duplicate copies of books from my children’s school library to schools in need. I will call to see what they can give. And will include some recent books from my own library as well. I will be honored to send you a copy of my debut picture book published by Pelican. Virtual hugs.

  14. Tracy Fitzwater

    Sharing, and sending you a few books I have at home. I’m a retired teacher-librarian, but I still review books. I’ll see what I have. Best wishes!

  15. Carrie Lowery

    Hi, sweet Cuzzin – sharing this with my friends up here in Nashville, a couple of whom are librarians, to see what we can rustle up for your sweet children. I believe we are kindred spirits in our love for books. In fact, I am most likely heading towards a MLIS degree next year myself. Librarian power! Besides, Nashville knows exactly what y’all are going through. It’s hard, but your city will unite and rise again. We southerners, like our literary heroes, are made of strong stuff. Love you, mean it.

  16. David muyelele kenya Africa

    Sorry! Trey’ am also a teacher. I know What you mean and the pain of losing a book. The book is the thing.I pray that god tourches people’s hearts to intervene

  17. Tonya Fletcher

    I am so very sorry. Please check into Scholastic’s Book Fair program and see if we could donate some of our Book Fair dollars to your program. This would be very good for other schools to be able to do the same.
    I’ll try to do other things, too.
    Much love,

  18. Janell B. Brent

    I worked at Central Primary before you came there but we have met a couple of times. I am the lady who counts the boxtops and labels. I remember donating books when you were sending them to somewhere where books were needed. I’ll see what I can pull together from my shelves. I live near Central Primary so I can be a drop off place if one is needed in Gonzales. Just let me know if this would be helpful.

    • treyveazey

      Janell, I remember the Box Top Lady! Thanks for reading & checking in. You’re always so quick to help, & that is a blessing to others.

      • Janell B. Brent

        My sister in law is shipping some to me and I will have some. Are you at the school? I will be out of town for a few days next week but after that I can bring them to you. I have family who lives near there and I have been going to help with flood cleanup so I will be in your school neighborhood in a couple of weeks.

  19. I feel your pain. In 2012 rats compromised my personal library that I had in temporary storage. They ate almost everything. Moth, rust, rats, floodwater… It’s all temporary.

  20. Peggy Walls

    Trey Veazey, you are simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! From one great reader to well, an older reader, I, too, have a love for books. Your story is so heart warming because you care so for ‘our’ children. Get ready to expand the space you have been given because I have a feeling you are about to receive blessings of books and good wishes. Thank you for sharing not only your story, but the story of so many.

    • treyveazey

      Peggy, it touches my heart to hear from you, a champion of mine from way back in the science fair days. Your words & sentiments are appreciated. Love to you & yours.

  21. Anna

    As a librarian’s daughter, this post pulls at every inch of my heart. Thank you for your passion to share the amazing works of literature with your students. Passing this along to my retired mom and her colleagues! Praying continuously for you, your school, and all affected by this tragic flood.

  22. Annmarie O'Neill

    I’m sorry. I just sent you a couple of my favorite books – Because of Winn Dixie and Where the Red Fern Grows – from Amazon. Maybe you could make an Amazon list to share. I was a middle school librarian before the positions were eliminated and I was sent to the high school. I also loved matching books with students. How Winn Dixie changes the lives of so many is my absolute favorite story. Good luck with the rebuild.

    • treyveazey

      Annmarie, thanks for sending along those classics! They are sure to be loved. As for wish lists, we had no idea that the response would be so voluminous. That’s been taken care of here.

  23. Chris

    I have been looking for a way to send some books to teachers in Louisiana who were flooded out. Do you also need some of the plastic bins we use in classroom libraries? A couple of teachers in my school have many they don’t need anymore. I hope you are all able to keep your spirits up.

  24. Erin Dennis

    How absolutely heartbreaking.
    I’ve been an elementary school librarian for the last 13 years, but due to budget cuts, find myself teaching 4th grade.
    I would love to tell my students your story when they report to school in 2 weeks and see about doing a book drive for you. Is that too late?
    Sending good thoughts your way.

    • treyveazey

      Erin, it’s never too late! Check in to using Milk + Bookies to help promote your book drive. They are excellent at helping develop philanthropic children. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to have that party on the day of your drive. Let me know if you need any other details or assistance.

  25. Heidi

    Trey, greetings from Massachusetts. I don’t write, or illustrate…but I read. (And I loved your words.)
    A friend shared your post and I’ll be sending some literary love your way!
    Take care,

    • treyveazey

      Will, authors were who I had in mind when I first shared the link on Twitter. I couldn’t have imagined the generosity that would blossom. I eagerly await your books!

    • treyveazey

      Sharon, check out this post to see the particulars regarding monetary donations. There are a few options for kind & generous people such as yourself. Be blessed, dear lady!

  26. Jennifer Cortez

    Would you be okay with donations of gently used books sent to the address? I’m not an author/illustrator/etc. but I am an educator that has duplicates of books that I could send over.

    Let me know what you think.

    Thinking of your state.

  27. Scott R

    Thanks for this, Trey. Unfortunately, it’s is a crucial need I had not even thought about. I knew the devastation on so many levels but had not even considered the hundreds of thousands of books lost in this catastrophe. You’re obviously where you were created to be. Good luck.

    • treyveazey

      Scott, my friend, it is wonderful to hear from you. It doesn’t seem like 10 years ago since we were picking out flowers with you. Thanks for reading & for the thoughtful words.

  28. Jayne Dudley

    Dear Trey, I just left my teaching job as a preschool teacher and was going to donate my books somewhere and I would love to send some books to your school. I will mail some out today and hopefully you will get them asap. Is there anything else you need for your library, puzzles, games, etc.? Please let me know.

    • treyveazey

      Jayne, thank you so much for your kindness. We will be glad to accept any & every thing you are willing to donate. We literally only have WALLS at this point. 🙂

    • treyveazey

      Sara, ARCs are great. I love to use them to promote interest in titles. It’s fun to watch them travel, too. Thanks for thinking of this.

  29. Gloria Chester

    I’m a lifelong reader, a love that I inherited from my mother. This blog broke my heart. Books have taken me places and shown me dreams as only they can. I’ll be sending as many as I can afford postage.

  30. Jill Middleton

    You bring joy to my heart today! Will be doing my part to send “books of life” your way!
    Jill MIddleton
    Old friends from West Point!

    • treyveazey

      Jill, it’s so nice to hear from you. Thanks for your kindness. I’ve received quite a bit of it from Clay County, Mississippi. Do tell the family that I said hello & Hotty Toddy!

  31. Brittany


    My heart breaks for your loss… books saved me on so many occasions. We have plenty of books at home that my kids never read anymore, I will be sending them to you. In next couple of weeks, I will be collecting books from family and friends to send as well!

  32. Matt


    I was touched after reading this on reddit link to post: https://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/4zoh1q/baton_rouge_elementary_school_librarian_asks_for/

    And I was wondering if you could do an amazon wishlist or something like that so we can see what books you lost and what we can send? I believe if you do a list on amazon it’ll remove it from the list for other people to buy that way you don’t wind up with 10 copies of Where the Wild Things Are, etc.

    Heck even an online catalogue posted would help a lot! I’ve also got a ton of books for more advanced readers like Dickens, etc. that I want to send as well but I’m not sure exactly where to send them. Perhaps you can help? I know other redditors feel the same way, so if you can point me in a direction for that? I’ve emailed the EBRPL, is there anyone else I can contact?

    Thanks for your time, help, and assistance!

    • treyveazey

      Matt, you can check on this post for some guidance. I so appreciate your willingness to help out. Book lovers united are a strong force.

  33. Stephanie

    I shared your story with my two daughters, ages 6 and 8. Their absolute favorite place is the library. They immediately decided to donate their picture books. Several boxes from a book-loving Washington family are headed your way.

    • treyveazey

      Stephanie, this is so grand to hear. We work hard to develop philanthropic children so that they can, one day, help elevate society. You are doing fine work. Thank you so sincerely.

  34. Sally


    I love to read your writing! It is very refreshing even if it is talking about a loss from the flood. I will share this and be on the look out for you. Julian has old chapter books from when he was younger that I can look through to make sure the content is appropriate for elementary students. Also, I will pay attention to book sales and see what I can find.

    • treyveazey

      Sally, old friend, I thank you so much! You are one on whom I can always count. Hope you have another great year. I’m sorry that you’ll never have another partner like me. 🙂

  35. Cynthia Guest

    I can of course send books. Reading has been a saving constant in my life and libraries are life. Do you have a list of books that you need? A link to your catalog or a download of your database of books? People could then shop from the list and you could make sure you get what you need as opposed to 1000 copies of one book and none of another.

    And is the address in the blog good? I found this on /reddit/books and they seemed to think the address was not accurate. What do they know.

    • treyveazey

      Cynthia, you can find what information we have compiled in this post including clarification on the address. I love sticklers for details!

  36. Lara

    Would it be possible to put up a wishlist somewhere of your catalog? Perhaps you could do it on Amazon. Then we could all purchase from it and you’ll be sure to get what you want for the library. I will post this on facebook as well as contributing myself.

  37. monsoonmiss

    My mom is from Louisiana, and I grew up an avid reader in Texas. I’m so sorry your library got destroyed. I asked my partner what his favorite YA book was, and sent you both of our favorites via Amazon. I certainly hope you rebuild quickly – much love from the West Coast.

    • treyveazey

      Hello! I love it when book lovers get together & share their favorites. It really is the best topic of conversation. Take care!

  38. Just ordered The Little House from Amazon, and it should arrive on Tuesday. I, too, have stories of the impact books have made on me–and especially the people who placed them in my hands. You mentioned so many of my favorites that I feel a kinship! I wish you the very best in your efforts to rebuild these shelves of therapy, and I will share your post far and wide.
    God bless you, Trey!

    • treyveazey

      Holly, thanks for ensuring that another generation will get to enjoy The Little House. It was actually one of the ones that I had just purchased at the end of last year. Thanks for giving us a fresh copy. 🙂

  39. S. Morgan

    Reading this post with tears streaming down my face…

    Can you use old (former) library books? I happen to be weeding out my picture books and have some in great condition that I would be happy to send you.

    Love from California!

    • treyveazey

      Hi! Thanks for reading, & I’m honored to hear that you were moved by my words. Of course, we’d love old library books. They have the best smells!

  40. Jocelyn Perkins

    I was so happy to see that you had a DonorsChoose project and it was so bittersweet to see it was already funded. I have funds there from monthly donations. Please consider another project for a new list of books. I, and I’m sure many others, would love to help more through that mechanism!

  41. Faye

    Our family child care home can send books to share. My heart breaks for all of you. You will have the best library! God bless you. I love your blog. Faye and my Alphabet Soup Kids

  42. Dr. Thop

    My kids are 10 and 12, I am sure we have a home at least a box of books that we will be happy to send your way. Your post was wonderful, and it will inspire many people to reach out and help. Educators like you are the backbone of our children’s future. Thanks for sharing your passion to read, you are building a better tomorrow.

    • treyveazey

      Doctor, your comments are very healing. Thanks for them & for the books. Do take care. (These reply is very har har. I’m sorry.)

  43. Keli

    Hi Trey,

    I am an educator who understands how busy you must be, especially in these tremendous circumstances. However, may I suggest that you put a link to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites on this so that people can post your story and help it to gain traction and support? I would love to post this to my social media accounts to help your cause to gain the support of others who may want and are able to help

    • treyveazey

      Keli, I’m not a Facebook user, but I have been sharing this via Twitter. Additionally, someone (I have no idea who!) shared it via Reddit which has caused a lot of traffic! Share away!

  44. Justin D

    Welp, didn’t think a blog post would make me emotional today. God bless you, man. Though I don’t have nearly as many books as you, I would hate if something like this happened to my personal library. Especially before I was able to share it with my son. Outside of your personal losses, this post really showed a desire to love your kids. I dig that. I don’t have children’s lit (Teen lit is a bit more interesting! 😛 ) but I’ll share this with those that do.

    You’re awesome.

  45. Karen

    Hi Trey, From one librarian to another, I’m sorry this happened to you and your school. I have relatives in Baton Rouge that fortunately were not flooded out. I did a little shopping on Amazon for you so expect a box or two on Monday.

    Best wishes, Karen

  46. Emily E.T.

    Dearest, my home is well stocked with more books than we can ever properly appreciate, and many AR books my fledgling adults have grown out of. I will be happy to rehome them with new and appreciative readers. Two or three good sized boxes should hold them.

    Lovely post, terrible trauma, and gratitude to be of service. I predict that soon, your school library will be happily inundated with more books than you can shelve.

    • treyveazey

      Emily, I hope that your prediction comes to fruition! The response has been encouraging, to say the least. Thanks again!

  47. Dusty

    Hey Trey,

    Books mean so much to me and my family. We would like to donate to your cause as well as share this link on our Facebook pages. Most of my friends are big readers with kids.

    • treyveazey

      Dusty, I appreciate this more than I can articulate in a blog comment. If you need details, check out this post. Bless you & your family.

    • treyveazey

      Eva, thanks ever so much for taking an interest in us. People like you are going to have us back on our feet in no time.

  48. Jill

    I’ll definitely be sending books your way, but I was wondering if there was another location that needs books that would appeal to teen audiences? Are there any high schools you know of that need donations? Do you know of any way I could reach out and find places that might need book donations?

    • treyveazey

      Jill, of course! Kate Messner has been listing schools on her blog. I can also help pass them along as we will be paying much kindness forward. Thanks for reading!

  49. You might consider signing up for BookMooch. If you do, I will donate 20 of my points to you and your library. (1 point = 1 book.) Please e-mail me and let me know your username. Also, if you request that your library be made an official BookMooch charity (school libraries in underfunded areas are perfect for this), the creator will probably oblige, and then other people on the site will be able to find you and donate their points for books to you.


    • treyveazey

      Emily, I’ve never heard of BookMooch before today. Thanks for the tip! I just signed up. My username is treyveazey. Clever, no? 🙂

  50. Jacquie McTaggart

    Greetings from Iowa. I speak to teachers all over the country and have roughly 500 books in my personal stash – including some duplicates and many of the titles you mentioned in your article. I’ll get a carton shipped to you on Monday. Hang tough, Trey. I’m pretty sure your library will soon be overflowing with good books.

    • treyveazey

      Jacquie, I am so grateful to people like you for the work that you do & for the consideration you are showing. Do take care.

  51. KathyEn1968

    My dad always told us from a young age that books are our friends. I took it to heart and books have been my best friends my whole life. Image of your beautiful books and the flood made me cry. I’m going to Barnes and Noble right now.

  52. Teri Foltz

    Trey, I am a retired English teacher and one of my former students sent me this post. I will most certainly help and share this with other book lovers.

  53. Jacquie McTaggart

    I just had a thought. Henry Winkler (The Fonz, dyslexic, and successful author) has keynoted at several IRA (now ILA) conferences and done a super job. I bet if you contacted him he would be happy to send you plenty of “Hank’s” books.

  54. Kristin Young

    Trey, you’re who they’re talking about when they say teachers are heroes. Thank you for this opportunity to help–I picked a few books off your Amazon wishlist and they’re on their way. I’m sharing with my social media circles, as well. I sincerely hope the next flood you experience is one of love, generosity, and community spirit.

    Much love from Chicago!

  55. Hi Trey! Dude, you have gone viral. Nice going! Thanks for updating your donation info – I’ll pass it along. We have some people pulling together resources to pass your way. Do you know anything about how the other schools in the area are doing? Anybody else in need of books, donations, etc.? Keep up the good work!

    • treyveazey

      Carey, isn’t this wild? I was just hoping for a case or two of some new hardcover titles to share with my kids! Kate Messner has posted on her blog about additional schools in the area that need assistance. Also, if the response is as serious as it seems, I am certain that we will have spares to share! I have colleagues at a middle school that was also displaced, & I will surely be sending things their way. Thanks for reading & checking in!

      • Rusty True Browder

        Trey: I have access to quite a few books. I so appreciate your keeping your wish list(s) and contact info up to date so we can be sure to do the best thing we can for you. I shared your post on Facebook. Do you also maintain an email list of desired books that you can update regularly? I hope to avoid duplication, though I know it is inevitable.

        • Rusty, right now, it is everything I can do to keep up with the Amazon wish list & our DonorsChoose projects. We’ll find a home for all of those duplicates, though. Don’t you worry.

  56. Trey, thanks for taking the time and effort to describe the needs of your school. Could you take this opportunity to organize and develop a network to reach out to other schools in similar need? I have no doubt the generosity of friends and strangers will answer the bell. Folks donating books only can request “media rate” at the post office, and donate the $ saved .

  57. Ciara Jean Rogers

    Books have made a far greater impact on my life than most of the people I’ve met along the way. Bless you for what you doing. I’ll be sending some here within the week hopefully. Lots of love and light. Ps. I did actually name my daughter Atticus Phoenix. 🙂

  58. Kelley

    I have a friend who writes children’s books. I’ll send a few when I have some money and she says she will kick in a few copies as well.

  59. Hi Trey,

    After reading your passionate blog post, I was compelled to help. While I cannot contribute a huge amount of money, I did order “You’re Aboard Spaceship Earth” to be shipped to your school. I really enjoy reading this to my son even though he’s a bit too young to understand it yet. I hope that it will inspire your kids to pursue an interest in science and space flight. I’m sorry I can’t do more. Best of luck.

    -David Pridemore, Hopkinsville, KY

    • David, what a great choice you’ve made! I know that we will have many happy readers to enjoy that book throughout the years to come. Thanks for sharing — in all senses of the word.

  60. Lyle from Nevada

    Mr. Veazey,

    I’m Lyle, a senior at a high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m currently in the process of getting the various service-based clubs and organizations at my school united to help in this time of need. Is there an address I can email to help sort the logistics, etc?

    • treyveazey

      Hey there! We will most certainly being paying a lot of generosity forward to our fellow flood survivors, but you can check out Kate Messner’s blog to see other schools that were affected. I’ll also note that our Amazon & DonorsChoose lists focus almost exclusively on books. We have PayPal set up because we still lack items such as supplies & even chairs. With all that said, there are lots of opportunities to spread the wealth, as it is. Thanks for reading!

      • Julie Toole

        I shared your moving words with the staff at my school. We are blessed with a beautiful library that is the heart of our school and want to help. Our student council is helping to plan. We are organizing donations and will be sending them your way. Thank you for reaching out and giving us a way to help.

        • Julie, this is a joy to hear. Seriously, every single line of your comment caused my smile to widen. Please take lots of photos of your endeavors so that our kids can connect over this shared experience.

          • We are well on our way with cart loads of books and one more week to collect! Did you post an email address where I can send photos to you of our efforts? I was wondering if your school had an art teacher. I am an art teacher and would love to connect to him/her in some way and help. Please forward my contact information if that is a possibility. jtoole@bakerdemschool.org

  61. Eric

    Hey Trey,

    Excellent work; I’m always happy to support an educator going to extra mile for his students! I honestly believe reading to be the most influential factor in development and future success, and I am glad to help make sure your kids have a few more books to read.. they certainly have saved my life a time or two and I really hope I can pass that along.

    I was sure were to submit the books that I purchased from amazon so I thought here might work:

    Daniel Finds a Poem
    How to Read a Story

    Best of luck to you and I hope your students enjoy the books!

    • Eric, thanks so much for your comments & your kindness. I’m especially excited to receive Daniel Finds a Poem. It’s my choice (so far) to receive the Caldecott Medal for this year. I can’t thank you enough.

  62. You can get books at thriftbooks.com for not a lot of money, shipping is cheap or free, and there is a teacher discount (under offers). Most of the books are used.

  63. I saw this blog post shared on reddit. You should receive a shipment of all the children’s book titles from my imprint, Martell Books. There’s also a few non-fiction titles that should prove educational.

    Hope it helps.

  64. Ale

    Hi! My daughter is an eager reader… She is 8 yrs old. I know she could not ‘survive’ without new books to read from the library. We are going to mail some of her books. We were thinking to donate them to the local library but we will gladly mailing them to you!

  65. Sandy

    Hi Trey, An Amazon order is on its way. Your students are lucky to have such a loving and resourceful teacher/librarian.
    Best of luck!

  66. Lori Schultz

    I am a former First gradeteacher who has an entire classroom worth of supplies I would love to share including thousands of books. Are you being overwhelmed or is there a need for supplies for teachers and students?

  67. Heidi K

    Hi- I am a elementary libraian in Kentucky and I am so glad you are getting the response you are and will have books in kids hands quick but long term that’s a lot of books to catalog! Bound to Stay Bound has a program called SOSL – save our school library that you can set up with the books you want and people choose the book they want to send you from your wish list and can put a book plate in it and it comes to you already processed and ready to download to your catalog. Just a thought for long term. I have used it for people to donate books when kiddos graduate or for teacher appreciation and it doesn’t take long to put together. Thoughts and prayers with you all! We will see how we can help from Kentucky. My dad is a comfort dog handler who was down in your area not long ago – maybe we will have to see about some dog books!

    • Heidi, thanks for this info regarding Bound to Stay Bound. They are, indeed, a great company. I’m so glad that you put this on my radar. Thanks again. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  68. Alyssa Stringer

    Trey, thank you for penning this. As a lover of literature, a reading teacher and a consumer of honey buns, it touched my heart. Donnalyn Miller is in my kindle book collection and I am currently reading Judy Blume to my 4th graders. When we hear of the flooding, so many do not think of it’s disastrous effects on education…..and books, the keys to learning. Praying for you guys as you trudge through this ordeal and grow to new heights from it. Reminds me of a song, as I know you are also a lover of music: “God gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair.” PS…you should really think of using your talent with word to create your own masterpiece…..I would love to be reading a “Trey Veazey” book to my students one day! The world needs more of you!

    • Alyssa, you’ve always had such encouraging words to share, & these have touched my heart in a very deep place. I will have to make time to write that book eventually — maybe after another honey bun.

  69. Lenagene Waldrup

    Trey, I had my 81st birthday Monday. I have collected books, especially children’s books, since I was a child. I have hundreds of good books used as an elementary teacher, principal, art teacher etc. Just yesterday I was looking at all the books and wondering what I needed to do with them. I thought of several places but am hesitant because I don’t think they would be appreciated and used. After reading about you and your bad luck I believe that you would love my books. Would you be interested? I will find a way to get them to you.

  70. Betty Ray Carpenter

    Trey your passion as a teacher and your love of books has taken my breath away. Who knew when you were at West End church that this would be God’s plan for your life. What a blessing you are to these students and those to come. We will be helping with your quest. Books are Windows to the world and the trails of life. I love ❤️ Books and so touched to hear your passion for books! From an old Sunday school teacher and her family…Betty Ray Carpenter, Kimberly Ray Allen and Kelly Ray Ramsay.

    • Betty, what a lovely message to receive from dear family. Thanks for your kind words & support. It is a wonder to hear of how this has traveled. I’m so glad that it made its way through West Point because it has brought many smiles to my face through people like you. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  71. Wendy

    Trey, I am a librarian in Houma and Gustav and Ike totally destroyed my library, so I know exactly how you are feeling. I will rally my 4-h and BETA clubs to round up books, money, or supplies. Also, call Scholastic. Many times they will have books to donAte from their warehouse in Baton Rouge. Please contact me if you need.

  72. Betsy

    Trey– we are all hoping you are flooded with books. I couldn’t find your list on Amazon. Could you give more direction on that. Also, be sure to check out Half Price Books. They have the Million Book Project and are incredibly generous! We hope for good reading ahead for your kids!



  74. Christy Caulkins

    I somehow stumbled across your article from a news station (not quite sure how since I live in MN), but it must have been a sign. Myself and my 3 kids are moving & my girls (6 & 13) and myself being avid readers have tons of books to go through & would love to send down there as a donation if you would accept them. I also know that we have tons of preschool books and was wondering if there are preschools, daycare centers, women’s shelters, etc. in your area that would benefit from this donations? I am a firm believer it’s never too young to start reading to your child.

    • Christy, it is tremendous to hear how this story is making its way around. I am certain that we will be able to share the wealth as all of the donations start rolling in. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  75. Kathy Shepler

    Trey, there is such sorrow in your post. But it is also a beginning. The beginning of a recovery for your beloved library. As a K-5 school librarian, I can feel your pain and yearning for lost books. Be assured, I am sending you I some titles. I know you will love them, treasure them and share them. Thanks for giving us a way to help!

  76. C.

    I sent 3 of my favorite childhood books from amazon and they will arrive tomorrow. Hope other kids enjoy them as much as I did! All the best to you!

  77. Kay Ellis

    Trey, my name is Kay Ellis and I am the librarian at Heritage Elem in Columbus. I think you know my children Kerry and Ben. I am going to talk to our principal tomorrow and get approval for a book drive for your school. We have been talking about a way to help and what better way than books for your library! Is there a way to contact you at an email address. Mine is Kayellis @yahoo.com. I’ll be in touch

  78. Courtney Swan

    Will you be in the Golden Triangle–West Point, Columbus, Starkville area anytime soon? Or do you have any friends from here who are going to the LSU/MSU game? I have some gently used books to donate but the trouble is getting them to you. Books are heavy and hard to ship. I could spread the word to friends for gently used books if you would like those. I’m sure one of the schools in the area would be happy to serve as a drop off or pick up area if someone could take them down to you.

    • Courtney, with the recovery efforts here, I won’t be traveling north anytime in the near future. I’ve had some interest from people in your area about holding book drives. Keep an eye on the blog to see if anywhere pops up where you could drop them. We’d definitely love to have them. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  79. Nancy

    Just sent you 10 books from your wish list. You are an inspiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all in Louisiana.

    • Nancy, what an excellent gift you’ve given us! I am most appreciative, & while I balk a bit at being an inspiration, I truly thank you. Be sure to subscribe to keep tabs on all of the joy!

  80. Sarah Tarvid

    Trey, I am a library student. This past weekend my 8 year old cleared out some of her chapter book series – the ones worh which she learned to read – and she would like to send a box to you. I hope and pray that you receive so many books that you are giving them away to whoever needs them. We are cheering for you!

  81. If books are brought down to Baton Rouge with relief workers, how would they get them to you? May God bless all of the people of Baton Rouge! May there be many who come to assist! May the necessary recovery time be brief in the grand scheme!

  82. Cindy H

    Bought one and a spare from your wish list and will go through books at home as well. Are your prepared for your “flood” of books? You are doing good work. Keep it up!

  83. Craig Bial

    Trey –

    I’ve never met you or even been to Louisiana really, but as an avid reader I can certainly appreciate the power and importance of books and the vaulted status they deserve in our society’s continued growth.

    With that being said, I went ahead and organized a book drive at the company I work for. We’re an Insurance firm in San Diego that has a lot young families and response has been tremendous since I first emailed everyone Friday 8/26. I’m going to collect all that I can until after Labor Day and then ship them all at once probably around 9/7.

    Just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of good vibes coming your way, so keep an eye out for packages (hopefully 75-100 books at least).



    • Craig, this is so wonderful how the story has grown & traveled. Please do me a favor. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

    • Melissa, thanks so much. I can’t wait to see what you’ve selected. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  84. Hello Mr. Veazey,

    I am Jennifer Lovitt and I am a seventh grade principal at Madison Middle School, in Madison MS. Our school is going to look into making a donation of some type to your library. It may be books, or a monetary donation, or both. I am a Louisiana native and was once an elementary librarian at Woodvale Elementary School in Lafayette, so your need is very close to my heart. I plan to be in touch. Please email me your contact information so that once we get our plans for helping together, I can communicate with you more directly. Prayers to you and your students,
    Jennifer Lovitt~ Madison Middle School, Madison MS

  85. Geraldine "Gerri" Settoon

    Trey, your blog was heart wrenching. Your friends at the Louisiana Reading Association will be informed as I know that they will want to help you. Hang in there. Hopefully, your library will be replenished quickly.

  86. Hi,

    My 7th graders and I want to help. I’m sorry I don’t have time to read all comments that have been posted, so not sure of what is still needed. We would like to hold a book donation drive for your school library and or for those students/households that have lost all their books. Is this something that will work for you and your community? We want to help anyway we can.

    • Kathy, we would love to be the recipients of your generosity. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created a blog post that features our wishes, hopes, & dreams, but any books written for younger readers (PreK-Grade 5) will be fine. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  87. Adam


    I have reached out to the public library in the town I grew up in and they would like to donate a selection of books. I know you have the Amazon wish-list, but in general, are there any types of books or authors you would like me to look for? I am going to drive down there soon to pack up a few boxes.

    On a personal note, my mother was the librarian at my town’s library so growing up I would come to the library after school every day until she was done with her shift. Spending time in a library shaped who I am today which is maybe why your story resonated with me so much.

    If there are any other schools in your area looking for donations please let me know.

  88. Trey, I wish I could squeeze a whole bunch of books out of my bookstore inventory. I can’t, but I did contact my distributors-Penguin Random House sent this back to me:

    Requestor must be a 501-C3 non-profit organization whose mission is specific to literacy.
    If you feel your request meets our criteria, please feel free to e-mail your request
    on letterhead with 501-C3 documentation to the attention of Veronica Valerio at vvalerio@penguinrandomhouse.com.

    I hope this helps you out with some of those books!

    • Laura, this is very helpful. Thanks for reading & checking. I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog to stay posted on all the generosity, & I wish the Red Hen Bookshop the best!

  89. Hi, an author friend shared your post in our group. I also love books, and grew up surrounded by them. I can’t imagine your loss! I would love to donate a set of my books, but they are really written more for 8th grade on up: pg-13. Probably a little too old for what you’re looking for. But if you happen to know of any other schools with other kids in need, let me know. Would love to help. Meanwhile, will plan on contributing financially. God bless.
    P.s. If the librarian would like a free set of my books, just let me know. 😉

    • Sarah, I happen to know that the librarian would love to have a set of your books. He also would be glad to pass any of them along to middle & high schools in the area that also experienced flooding. Thanks for your wonderful offer. It means so much. Please subscribe to the blog so that we can stay connected. If you’re on Twitter, give me a shout there, too.

  90. Don Puzzio

    Hey Trey, I am a native of New Orleans born and raised I now reside in Southern California thanks to hurricane Katrina and as of today I have a new goal which is to collect as many books as I can. Being a retired truck driver of 35yrs and over 2 million miles under my belt I will rent a truck and drive them down myself because my “nerves” need a vacation away from California i mean to tell ya.I will do everything in my power to get as many books as I possibly can and if for some reason y’all get “flooded” sorry bad choice of words” with books you could distribute them to other school in your Parish. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your students and faculty at Glen Oaks Elementary and everyone in Louisiana that’s been devastated by this flood. Sincerely Don Puzzio

  91. Angela Brown

    I am so terribly sorry for your community and your loss. I am an educator in Arizona. I would love to take your story to my school and start a book drive for your school. We are a Character Counts school so this would help our kids too. Please let me know if this is an idea that you think would be okay.

    • Angela, this is a phenomenal idea. I love the idea of kids helping kids. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created a blog post that features our wishes, hopes, & dreams, but any books written for younger readers (PreK-Grade 5) will be fine. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  92. Kara Barling

    Hello, My name is Kara Barling and I am a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor in Heyworth, Illinois. My FFA members heard your story and want to help you! We are holding a book drive to help you fill your library. We hope we make a difference for your school.

    Thank you!

    • Kara, this is so great. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created a blog post that features our wishes, hopes, & dreams, but any books written for younger readers (PreK-Grade 5) will be fine. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  93. Katherine

    My heart sunk reading your post – I can’t imagine the loss of so many books. I love how passionate you are about reading and sharing that love with kids. I’m the daughter of a retired school librarian, love to read myself, and have a 8 year old that loves to read – so we understand how devastating losing these books were. I sent a few books off the Amazon wishlist and my daughter and I will go through her collection and send some books that are in good condition. It looks like you’ve had a good response so far – I hope you can make good progress on rebuilding your library. Sending you and your students best wishes for the new school year.

    • Katherine, thank you for sharing — in multiple senses of the word. Your kindness will surely help see us through this tough time. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  94. Geneva

    Trey, I sent an email and filled out the Google doc. I am doing a book drive and once it’s complete is like to bring you at least 100 new Usborne Books. I was wondering if got have any special needs so I cam include them in the book order! Thanks

    • Geneva, thanks so much for reading. We are always looking for titles featuring diverse characters as well as nonfiction texts. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  95. I will be sending a complete (to date) set of my Tales From a Revolution series, including The Wind, which details the incredible story of the Gálvez expedition through West-Florida during the American Revolution.

    I wish you all the good in the world, and hope that the rebuilding goes well and even — dare one hope? — leaves your institution stronger than before.

    • Lars, thanks for reading & sharing. I look forward to sharing these titles with our students. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  96. Corisa Walker

    I am a school librarian and am just devasted for you and your students. I would love to do a book drive, but that will likely provide mostly paperbacks. Would that help?

    • Corisa, we would love to be the recipients of your generosity regardless of the types or genres of the books. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created this blog post. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  97. Dear Trey,
    I’m an author, but I write to you as a Hurricane Sandy survivor. My town on Long Island was wiped out. The first floor of my home destroyed — along with so many of my beloved signed books. Yes, if I could go back in time I’d move whatever wasn’t nailed down upstairs! I just want to tell you that it will get better. It feels like life is forever changed — but it’s not. It won’t be easy, but this situation is not permanent. A friend wrote me this message after Sandy — she had been through Katrina — and it gave me something to hold onto.

    Be strong,

    • Selene, thanks for your kind words. They are, indeed, a source of comfort. The generosity of others such as yourself is helping to propel us toward a tomorrow that we know will come. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I can’t wait for you to see what happens next.

  98. Charlotte Patterson

    I, too, am a former classroom teacher turned Librarian. I am at a K4-12 private school and have 2 libraries. I agree that Children’s Lit is where it’s at! I purchased some books last month from a small book fair a few miles from me. Ironically, I had never heard of them. The man died and his wife did not want to continue the business. She was selling them for $3 a hardback and $2 a paperback and had a small warehouse full. I have her contact information and will call her daughter tomorrow and see if she would like to send you books.

    • Charlotte, I am so glad that you share my affinity for children’s literature. It truly is a tie that binds. Thanks for passing along our information & sharing our story. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay informed about the goodwill being shown!

  99. Shelley

    Hi Trey ..

    I’ve ordered 4 books for you from your Amazon wishlist (not sure when they will arrive) and have made a small donation through Bound to Stay.

    Wishing you all the best from New Zealand

    • Shelley, thanks so much! It is very humbling to receive help from across the globe. I am touched by your kindness. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  100. Trey, my sister lives in Baton Rouge. So when an author friend shared your post with me, I knew I had to do something. It isn’t much, but I’ve put signed copies of each of my middle grade books in the mail to you. Hopefully with all of this outpouring of support, your library collection will be rebuilt in no time. Best to you and all the students and teachers at your school! -Gail

    • Gail, this is delightful. I love hearing from authors, & I am thrilled to have your books added to our collection. Bless you! Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

    • Joanne, this is so exciting. It is so nice to be the recipient of such kindness. You can find our school address on this blog post. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  101. Lori Martin

    Hi! We are in the process of collecting books in our school system to mail to you!! We are so sorry for this loss but we are excited to take part in the rebuilding process. We will close collections Sept 16 and send boxes your way!
    Blessings and prayers from Pryor, Oklahoma!!!

  102. Meaghan Walz

    My house is full of books. My kids have more books than they know what to do with. All my life I have had books. I cannot imagine being without them. I looked at the Amazon wish list page, debating whether or not to give and how much if I did give. Then I went to the Bound to Stay Bound page and started looking through the books on that list. It was then that I saw Cinderella, by Marcia Brown and I had to buy it for your library. I bought that book for 25 cents from my elementary school’s for sale bin when I was in 5th grade. I bought it for my sister because I thought she would love the beautiful illustrations. She did. Later she told me that it was one of her favorite books for that very reason and I so wanted another child to be able to experience the same beautiful illustrations and classic story.

    • Meaghan, this is a great story, & I cannot wait to retell it. It will also live on in the pages of this book as it lives through our collection. Please subscribe to the blog as you have now become a true part of our library.

  103. K. Griep

    Can you contact your middle school or high school librarian as well and partner up? (Or if they made their own posts, please share those) Your post is farther reaching than you expected, and it would be good to know that if a few older kids books reached you they would be getting passed along to good hands 🙂 (Donating to you because my son picked out Chrysanthemum from his book shelf before I ever came across your post and I’m taking it as a sign that our annual fall book donation in our household go your way.)

  104. Sherrie Mevis

    Do you have a list or contact information for other schools in the area who also need to rebuild their libraries? I know most of Livingston Parish was under water, and the Lafayette/Opelousas area was also devastated. I’m writing this because I figure you will be getting some duplication in the donations, and people may want to know how to spread the love. Thank you for bringing attention to this need.

  105. Erica

    Hi Trey. I am going to start a book and supply drive in my school in NJ. How can I reach you and make sure the books and supplies get to your school or schools in your area?

    • Erica, thanks so much for your offer of kindness. We would love to be the recipients of your generosity regardless of the types or genres of the books. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created this blog post. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  106. Dan Storper passed on your message and we would be delighted to donate some books. They’re going to be mailed out on Monday. Everyone at Barefoot Books is thinking about you and your devastating loss and hope our contribution helps in a small way. Best of luck.
    Nancy Traversy
    CEO and Co-founder
    Barefoot Books

    • Nancy, what a delight to receive this comment. I look forward to receive the books, & I know the kids will appreciate them just as much. Thanks again for your kindness. I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog to see just what a great thing you’ve done.

  107. Pam Peters

    Hi trey

    My daughter and her family live in Baton rouge. she reposted your post, showing the need for books. I just retired from teaching Kindergarten and today I shipped a box via Fedex to your school with some of my best books I purchased for my classroom.. I hope you can use them in your new library. Please let me know if they arrived. I also have another box, all paperbacks in good condition. If you would like them, let me know.

    • Pam, as soon as I find your box, I’ll be happy to let you know. 🙂 Thanks so much for your offer of kindness. We would love to be the recipients of your generosity regardless of the types or genres of the books. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  108. Hello Trey – As an English teacher of some thirty-odd years and a member of Altrusa International Bentonville/Bella Vista, I can tell you that you have touched the hearts of our Altrusa membership here in Arkansas. We have books, and we’d like to help! We would like to send whatever you need. We have books for Spanish speakers, leveled reader books, old books and slightly used books, classics, graphic novels, and a lot of ‘fun books’! Please let us know how we can help.

    • Gail, it is so nice to hear of your group’s concern & willingness to help. We are in need of literally everything as we are rebuilding from scratch. Classroom teachers would certainly appreciate leveled readers for their rooms, & I can speak from experience when I say that graphic novels would certainly fly off of our shelves. We do have a small Spanish-speaking population as well. Email me at trey@treyveazey.com, & we can talk further. Thanks again!

  109. Lynn MItchell

    I reposted your information on Facebook. My retired teacher friend, Peggy Malatesta, goes to a large Methodist Church in Houston and she is asking for donations for your library. Peggy will bring the books to me and I will get them to you. We have no idea what the response will be.

    There are several other people who are contacting me, so I will steer them to give to Glen Oaks Park Elementary. I talked to Mr. Williams, your principal, on Friday, and he is enthusiastic about getting books to the school.

    I am the Counselor at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet and our Principal, Catasha Edwards, is happy to help in any way needed.

    • Lynn, thanks for reading & for sharing. Our losses were great, & I entirely appreciate your efforts in helping us recoup all that was lost. Even though we have been blessed unbelievably already, we still have so far to go. Thanks again & stay in touch. We look forward to partnering with you guys over at WHAM.

  110. Megan

    Hello! My sorority has collected about 100+ books for your library, but we are not sure on funds to get these books down there. Do you know of any ways to get these from Northeast Ohio to you at a discount? We are all college students, and shipping prices are astronomical. We want to help, but I am struggling to find the resources necessary to get these down there.

    • Megan, feel free to email me at trey@treyveazey.com. I may can put you in touch with someone who is coming down from Ohio, but I’m not sure if you guys are close in location. Funding for us is slim here already, & what little we have is already earmarked for use. Hopefully, some of our generous donors will see your plight & have advice as well on how to cheaply have books sent our way. I most certainly appreciate you & your group’s efforts. They mean the world to me.

  111. Hilarie Wasserman

    Hi Trey,
    Just read your plea for books and would love to help. I am a former elementary teacher and book collector! Do you have specific titles, ages you still need? Where do we send these books? So sad to hear of your plight. Hilarie Wasserman. Hilarie20@aol.com

    • Hilarie, thank you for reading & for checking in. Our school serves students in PreK-Grade 5. Check out this blog post to see specifics on where to send the books as well as lists like Amazon & BTSB that list many titles that we are hoping to obtain. Subscribe to the blog to stay informed, & shoot me an email if you have any questions.

  112. Two copies of my recently published picture book, THE SEAGOING COWBOY, will be on their way to you tomorrow from Goshen, Indiana, along with a few other books from my personal library. Gotta love a book lover! And I wish you and your students and fellow staff all the best in this challenging year ahead.

  113. Lindsey


    Does your school still need book donations? I will be coming home in early October and would love to drive down with a car full of books, but I don’t want to overwhelm you if you’ve had enough donations already.

  114. Kristen Miller

    Hi Trey,

    I am a PTO volunteer at an elementary school in The Woodlands, Tx. Every year, we do a book drive for a local charity (new and gently used books for kids of all ages). We typically gather in 200 – 300 books. We would love to donate to your library this year. Would this be something that you would be interested in?

    • Kristen, thanks so much for your offer of kindness. We would love to be the recipients of your generosity regardless of the types or genres of the books. Because the response has been so overwhelming, I’m trying to stay organized. To help our givers, I created this blog post. If you would, please fill out this Google form. Thanks again & be sure to subscribe to the blog. I want to keep all of our generous friends posted!

  115. Lonnye Sue Pearson

    Trey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I am deltamiss from LJ – Melanie’s mother. I have friends bringing three boxes of books to you around October 11, and I’ll be bringing another three a week later. Our problem is we don’t have a contact phone number for you. A federal judge will bring the first batch, and my cousin and I will bring the second. If you could email me a phone number, that would be great. I think the judge (Bill somebody) wants to talk to you about how to get the books to you.

    I know your heart is broken over the loss, but the Lord works for good those who love Him! We are praying for you and yours affected by the flood!

  116. Amy Dalton

    Hi, a friend and I are collecting and driving to BR from Mandeville. What books do you still need? Ours are all ages and gently used. If you are all set, can you refer us to other schools who may need books? We are looking for schools and contacts to drop books on Thursday Sept 15.

    • Amy, we are still sorting through all of the donations, but we would happily accept more. It’s going to take more books than we could imagine to reignite the library to its former glory. Rest assured, however, that all books will find a home whether in our library, in our classrooms, with our students, or with other schools.

      • Ryan

        Trey, we are in a similar situation to Amy and need some guidance. We are a non-profit disaster relief organization out of Missouri and were given a number of boxes (around 8) from a local library to give to y’all. Can you please provide some ideal hours for delivery at the address listed in your blog? I’m not seeing any instructions in the post of the comments to that end.


  117. Trey,
    Our school district, Gatesville ISD, is hosting two hat days- 9/16 & 9/23- with all of the proceeds being donated for you to get more books. We are also taking book donations and our district has agreed to cover the shipping fees. I will update you on the progress!

  118. Clare O'Neill

    I’m a librarian way up north in Massachusetts. I have a few boxes of books to send.
    Do you still need El Deafo, Sisters, Smile and so forth? Can you use Newbery award
    winners? A set of Lemony Snicket (gently used)? A few of the books coming your
    way are autographed. One is a Jon Scieska and another is signed by David Macauley.

  119. j

    i work at a school in houston and we just updated some books in our library and have 4 boxes of library books to donate…is this something you need?

  120. Hi Mr. Veazey!
    This is Daniel Chesser, Public Relations Specialist for Auburn City Schools in Auburn, Ala.
    I wanted to let you know Mrs. Kaley Dawson’s Kindergarten class at Richland Elementary has collected more than 70 pounds of books and they are on their way to you this week.
    We mailed them to:
    Trey Veazey
    2401 72nd Avenue
    Baton Rouge, LA 70807

    Here is a link to photos of the class and the books they collected: https://www.facebook.com/ACSPublicRelations/photos/pcb.573239682801279/573239276134653/?type=3

  121. Melissa Leahey

    Does your school still need book donations? Our school in Birmingham, Alabama wants to collect books for you during the month of November and send them to help with your classroom libraries and student homes. If you are still in need, we will pursue the collection or look for another school that is in need.

    Melissa Leahey

  122. Brooke Stein

    Hey Trey-I saw your post when you first published it. It stayed with me…the way you wrote about the important books in your life truly took my breath away. Our little school in Massachusetts is doing its annual scholastic book fair and I would love to donate some books to your library through scholastic’s “all for books” program. It would help us greatly if you could look at their website and put a wish list together. Could you do this in the next few days? Let me know. The fair is at the end of October but I will need some time to advertise your cause. I look forward to hearing from you.

  123. Susan

    I have my trunk nearly full of books and teaching supplies from a friend in Shreveport. Her mother retired from teaching elementary school last spring and she would like to donate them to a flooded school. This is one of two shipments coming. Could I get with you this week and drop them off?

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